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JOHN DANIEL embraces a neon-hued stately slice of glam meets electro pop.


JOHN DANIEL embraces a neon-hued stately slice of glam meets electro pop with “LÅT MIG SÄGA FÖRLÅT MIG”. There is so much energy behind this thing, it is as if he as brought every single sound right to its breaking point. With this dramatic flair, the sound draws the listener into his unique worldview. Hooks aplenty dominate this thing for the song is an absolute earworm. By far the best aspect comes from his voice where there is a force of nature behind it, one that helps to guide the rest of the song along.

No buildup he dives headfirst right into the thick of it. Lyrics matter greatly for they nicely meet the mood of the rest of the work. Beats hit with a fury of sorts for it all explodes at every given moment. Cleverly he brings in a bit of an abb and flow to the whole of the proceedings making sure that the initial joy is never lost. Rather, there is a stately defiance that helps to pull it along. Grooves have a heaviness to them making sure that they focus on the concept of togetherness. Elements of classic 80s and 90s alternative rock filter into the proceedings as well. By bridging so many different variations he creates a universe that has such life behind it, all the way from the very beginning to its colossal conclusion.

“LÅT MIG SÄGA FÖRLÅT MIG” revels in the undeniably infectious celebratory spirit that JOHN DANIEL delivers with such precision.



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