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Lunar Riptide go for a gracious gait on the gleeful jazz-rock fusion of “Microwave”.

Lunar Riptide – Microwave

Lunar Riptide go for a gracious gait on the gleeful jazz-rock fusion of “Microwave”. With a distinct urbane elegance to it, they resemble a looser version of the Sea and Cake. The grooves have a glistening quality to it. Full of such a summery affect, the song evolves in subtle yet significant ways. Breezy to a tee, the way they let things build up further adds to the sense of wonder that the piece displays. Best of all however are the lyrics which have their own playfulness behind them and are perfectly accentuated by the power of the rhythm.

From the first moment they really set the tone in a perfect way. The guitar riffs have a jaunty presence about them, restrained but still quite cool. In a way there is almost a Chicago-school sort of jazz quality, akin to perhaps Tortoise’s most dreamy-eyed explorations. By allowing the sound to simply build and build, they allow the song to gain its own distinct sense of life. Word choice here works wonders as each line is picked with the utmost of care. Gentle to its very core, they have a tenderness to their style, for a warmth rests right in the centre of it all. Absolutely drenched in light the endless possibility that the group explores feels so soothing. Even when they let it rip for the final stretch that moment has an earned quality to it.

“Microwave” has almost a midcentury sort of charm to it, for Lunar Riptide has a mellowed-out approach that does feel distinctly their own.



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