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MEMORY MOTEL weaves of dream pop and shoegaze into a satisfyingly surreal whole with “Scarlett”.


MEMORY MOTEL weaves of dream pop and shoegaze into a satisfyingly surreal whole with “Scarlett”. A hazy, dazed atmosphere comes into view with each reiteration of the theme. Such a serene mood they let everything unravel at its own pace ensuring that every moment counts. Her voice serves as the very heart of the entire thing and there is a poignancy about it that feels so lush. Layers are filtered into the fray for there is a tenderness resting at the very centre of it all. Never shouted, the quiet yet persistent growth of the song stuns and touches the very senses.

The hushed aura of the open starts things off with elegance. References abound throughout the piece, ranging from My Bloody Valentine’s softer, more ambient pieces to the genteel stately grandeur of Beach House. What they do is make the sound their own for there is a kindness about it, one that radiates throughout the whole of the experience ensuring that every single gesture matters. Lyrics possess their own poetry to them for they float on by in a wonderful surrealistic haze that feels outright joyous. A small celebration for certain, the delicacy of the arrangement is a thing of beauty one that guides the song along. Rhythms have a pastoral bliss behind them as they make sure it all merges together into something that expands forward out into the very universe.

“Scarlett” revels in the quiet beauty of MEMORY MOTEL in delving into a universe that is distinctly their own.



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