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Number Don’t Count presents a reflective ballad on the pretty pop of “A Girl I Met In June"

Numbers Don't Count - A Girl I Met In June

Number Don’t Count presents a reflective ballad on the pretty pop perfection of “A Girl I Met In June”. The references to the Beatles are obvious and appreciated for they make sure that the honeyed vocals that emerge add to the soulfulness of the piece. Beyond the Beatles they do bring up a little imagery from Jon Brion’s whimsical creations. Lyrics here have a playfulness to them, for they prove to be deft storytellers. So much exquisite detail enters into the narrative for they make sure that it expands outwards seemingly into the infinite. Rhythms here have an easygoing presence to them for they engage the listener in the mind as well as in the heart.

The arrangement feels quite tasteful for they make sure that it comes together in a balanced, airy, and spacious way. Forgoing any trendiness, they go for a timelessness as there is a compassion to their performance. Over the course of the piece the way the sound ebbs and flows further adds to the sense of loveliness that they trade in. Drums here have a refined understated presence about them and the whole of the experience has its own sense of space. So much sun enters into the mix that the song itself feels quite alive. Quite dignified indeed they ensure that nothing stops their inward gaze, for the reflection is a real and deeply felt one.

“A Girl I Met In June” shows off Numbers Don’t Count’s uncanny ability to tap into rock’s intrepid past while crafting something that is distinctly theirs.



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