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“Odyssey” the Illustrative Violet embark on a mystical trip through space and sound.

The Illustrative Violet – Odyssey

The Illustrative Violet combines space rock, ambient, and even jazz into a satisfying whole on the aptly named “Odyssey”. Everything about the song has a sense of exploration behind it for the track itself has a vast geography. Pace is the trick for they ensure that every detail is given room to roam. References abound for they touch upon an updated progressive rock flavor, for elements of Yes, Pink Floyd, even the more recent Explosions in the Sky filter into the fray. Vocals match the calm of the guitars. A meditative Zen takes hold with the cyclical approach adding to its hypnotic allure. Full of a quiet joy they use one of those classic rock buildups that adds to the timelessness of the track.

From the beginning they have a hushed presence about them. Whispers of the sound gradually enter into the fray. Nothing here feels rushed the sprawling nature of the work makes it easy to get lost in, for the many layers intermingle to create a kaleidoscopic quality with the guitar work in particular being woven akin to a tapestry. The energy they use has a kindness to it, for they make sure that the atmosphere has an organic quality. When they make it a bit triumphant, the approach comes after a long and balanced interplay, making it feel fully earned. Lyrics here have a disjointed poetry to them all rising above.

On the aptly named “Odyssey” the Illustrative Violet embark on a mystical trip through space and sound.



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