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Okay, I love everything about Tesla Shamans’ track “Shamans”.

Tesla Shamans – Shamans

Okay, I love everything about Tesla Shamans’ track “Shamans”. They really pull no punches – right from almost second one they are up in your face. I adore that and wish more bands had this sense of pure swagger. With a sound that oozes confidence, they deliver something visceral, guttural even, in terms of its sheer ferocity. Volume is not even a must it is a given for they play it loud, really loud the way that classic rock ought to be played. Yes, they do touch upon classic rock to some degree, but they also incorporate grunge, hard rock, all within an anthemic context that gives the song a sense of togetherness, something a lot of music solely needs in this very moment.

Blasting off with sheer bombast, the whole of the track embodies a force of nature. They scream across the sky, making sure to incorporate so much colour within the mix. At times the martial rhythms even bring up hints of industrial churn and grime into the proceedings. Quite decadent in terms of its razor-sharp focus, they cut through the excess to get to the very heart of the matter. Mystical with its clear-eyed focus, there is a thoughtfulness that underpins much of the lyricism making it that much more appealing and compelling. The buildup of the sound itself feels joyous, as the finale is a thing of true wonder.

“Shamans” shows off Tesla Shamans uncanny ability to create an entire aural universe one that completely consumes the listener with its spellbinding intensity.



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