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Parham Gharavaisi takes the path less travelled on “Cradle Engraved”.

Parham Gharavaisi - Cradle Engraved

A truly unique voice, Parham Gharavaisi takes the path less traveled on “Cradle Engraved”. The sedate subdued sense of splendour has a gracious quality to it. Within the sound the track possesses multitudes. His influences here come from some rather far-flung groups, specifically the low-key steady pace of the Dirty Three in terms of bringing classical, folk, rock, and jazz into a singular whole. By far though the true stealer of the show is that guitar, whose expressiveness has a timelessness to it. A dead ringer for Roy Montgomery’s style, Parham proves to have exceptional chops. Neither of these groups traditionally exerts their influence anywhere, so it is doubly refreshing when someone takes up this mantle to create a divine work.

Right from the open there is a tenderness to the tone. Volume should remain constant throughout because this is a song that cannot be blasted nor rushed. Everything happens at its own rhythm and pace is truly the trick. The elements have an acute balance for they play off each other without bringing too much attention to themselves, the guitar excluded from this equation. Parham makes the thing sing as he lets out some soulful melodies and riffs. Almost resting within a certain off-kilter form of the blues, there is a classic quality to what he does. For the final stretch he brings it all together in a fantastic close.

“Cradle Engraved” shows off something with a delicate, fragile quality, proving Parham Gharavaisi to be an expert in exploring such vivid emotion.



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