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"Together In Symphony, For A Better Tomorrow" is exquisite poetry set in motion by Xaverai.

Xaverai - Together In Symphony, For A Better Tomorrow

Xaverai engages in a fine flurry of activity on the energetic classical style of “Together In Symphony, For A Better Tomorrow”. The full rich sound is imbued with a stately hue. Going for a massive take the sweeps of sound bring to mind vast rolling lands. Crescendos further punctuate the piece with that right level of emotional output. All of it works wonders from the elegant melody to the deliberate pacing. By far the highlight comes from how wrought with tension the entire piece is, at times drawing from some of Max Richter’s soundtrack work. Yet Xaverai’s approach has an even larger canvas to play with, as a whole slew of instrumentation enters into the fray.

Immediately the action is intense with the fevered pitch flavor of the work adding to its sense of beauty. Rich hues emerge and are explored with focus. The song rushes forward in a bright blur for the rest of the sound falls into place ever so gallantly. Such a vast sound it has a sense of determination to it, one that propels it forward. With this steely-eyed gaze about it, nothing stops it. Over the course of the piece, they double-down on the righteous fury that opened it up, for the song becomes quite hyperactive. For the final stretch the lush piece seems to become one with each instrument playing off the last to create something that feels truly spellbinding.

“Together In Symphony, For A Better Tomorrow” revels in the exquisite poetry set in motion by Xaverai.



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