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PREMIERE: London-based Cross Channel Music Releases Hotly Anticipated Album ‘Man in a Dream’

A collection of 9 remarkable tracks, this is an indie, alt-pop delight from Cross Channel Music (the project of French-born Pierre Lassegues). Opening song ‘Visit our School’ is a charming, jazz-inspired track with warm guitars abounding. It is catchy and oh-so memorable, and sets the scene for the album perfectly. ‘All the Effers’ has a sense of urgency, with distorted strings and shaker sound, before erupting into something haunting and enticing - a musical mesh of drums and acoustic instrumentation, complete with powerful vocals. ‘A Change is Coming’ is one for all you rock lovers out there, and has tons of attitude, whilst ‘He was a Man in a Dream’ is a little more ethereal.

A personal favourite of ours is track 5 ‘DJs’, which is an unusual fusion of guitar, groove and vocal arrangement with a female guest vocal. We feel very much like we’re invited into a dreamworld with many of the songs on this album; hence the name is very fitting… we are all ‘in a dream’ when listening to Cross Channel Music. Familiar faves ‘Bygone Days’ and ‘Butter on hot Toast’, which were released as singles prior to the full album, are firmly welcome once again, and we see that they fit beautifully within the album as a whole. Penultimate track ‘The Breastbone’ is the most experimental and it is sure to leave you a little bewildered (in a good way). ‘I had to make it up’ rounds things off nicely with it’s spoken-word style vocal and 80s-infused production.

The artist comments:

“Today is release day for my album 'Man in a Dream' (link in bio), a collection of nine songs recorded at home in Paris between 2000 and 2012 - three of which have already been released since June. You’ll hear pop in all shapes and forms, but also blues rock, minor folk, funky beat and even experimental! - always in an indie style that should bring back memories to some!

These songs are a reflection of my Parisian years: work in the suburbs, parties, dreams … life in short! Whether mixed by Robin Downe, or simply mastered, they got a makeover before going out in the world!”

Cross Channel Music knows how to create music worthy of being savoured. This isn’t throwaway, fast-fashion music, but music that is timeless. In an age when so much music sounds the same, this is an album that truly stands out as unique.


Pierre Lassegues: vocals and bass

Gilles Francois: drums

Cecile Ratovoherizo: guitar and backing vocals

Cover art by Yannick Rigour

Follow Cross-Channel Music for more info: Website | Instagram | Spotify | Bandcamp



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