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Prepare To Be Moved By The Inspiring And Talented PrYmary Colours

PrYmary Colours - The Movement

With a plan to bring about positive change through expressive creativity and friendship, PrYmary Colours create The Movement. This organisation is going to promote progress in the world at large with a lot of help from some excellent electro-pop. Comprised of Daz and Cayisha, the talented duo blend Kerry Polka with modern sounds and beats. Daz is the man on the desk and his computer and music skills provide an epic soundtrack for Cayisha to sing with her absolute mastery as a vocalist. Her words touch on the feelings of growing up as a black woman in Ireland. The sense of otherness and the occasional prejudice have been a constant thread in her personal development. Now with her story and a sense of empowerment through music, PrYmary colours deliver another way of thinking.

It opens with a bouncy beat, dominated by thumping bass and flutes. Choral voices harmonise and sampled sounds add to the percussion. Cayisha opens the song, her passionate and uplifting disco style invites us to join The Movement. Sing-a-long lines with easy parts for people who need them, the dance track progresses with techno beats and multiple instruments that lend their catchy qualities. Melodic interludes fly from hook-filled chants as bass and funk blanket the production like loving arms.

The single is also released alongside a mini-documentary. Titled, The Movement: Perspective Of A Black Irish Woman, the YouTube release offers a story and purpose to this inaugural release. Having been featured on TV and radio across Ireland, the rest of the world is now catching on to this fantastic and relevant mantra against injustice.



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