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The Dirt Luck goes for an angular, lo-fi indie rock with “I’m Trying”.

The Dirt Luck - I'm Trying

The Dirt Luck goes for an angular, lo-fi indie rock with “I’m Trying”. Fuzzed-out with a sense of playfulness they make sure it all comes together in a pitch perfect fashion. By ensuring that every moment counts the song conjures up imagery of 90s era Yo La Tengo. Done with a bit of an underdog spirit they make sure that they rush through the whole of the run length in a way that feels absolutely joyous. Guitars have a great fondness to them. Vocals here possess that earnestness that ties it all together in a way that is distinctly their own. Lyrics have a yearning quality, a desire to completely and fully break free.

From the first moment they waste no time in getting started for they dive headfirst into the thick of things. Elements of the work have their own strange anthem to them. There is a communal quality to the way that they allow the whole of the thing to grow. No sudden bursts, the song have a living, breathing quality to it. Less of a crescendo and more of an evolution they chug along full of a soulfulness. Drums here serve as much as time-keepers as they do a sort of emotional cadence, one that echoes out into the distance, making sure everything swirls about in that perfectly majestic whole. For the final stretch it seems to neatly ebb and flow until it simply cuts out in a way that feels in keeping with the song’s general aesthetic.

“I’m Trying” features the undeniable charm and spirit of the Dirt Luck in creating something that stuns touching the very soul.



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