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The Kid and I embrace a sense of endless opportunity and optimism with the joyous “Morning Song”

The Kid and I - Morning Song

The Kid and I embrace a sense of endless opportunity and optimism with the joyous “Morning Song”. References abound, but perhaps their energy stems from some of They Might Be Giants’ early work. Akin to that sound, the Kid and I also have a giddy quality in their delivery. Even the arrangement itself captures their inherent hope for the future, as it virtually bursts at the seams. Ultra-saturated they make it all come together in a way that feels outright gorgeous to behold.

A great blast of sound introduces the work and they simply rush on through from there. Such a dense texture it is easy to get lost within the many different ornate details for they chose their own path, ensuring that a degree of unpredictability dominates much of the piece. Everything here is allowed a certain degree of freedom, for there is a freewheeling presence that ties much of it together. By framing this as a sense of boundless opportunity they manage to completely surprise and delight much of the time. Grooves have an infectiousness to them, and the guitar work itself also has a spidery aspect to it, woven deep into the rhythm itself. Vocals rise above the din further adding to this gigantic presence that permeates much of the work. On the closing section they let it all out, freeing themselves up for a chaotic finale.

“Morning Song” features a true bit of bliss, proving the Kid and I to be a tremendously powerful work.



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