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The Lonely Together revels in an incredible journey on the powerful “Shots Fired…”.

The Lonely Together - Shots Fired...

The Lonely Together revels in an incredible journey on the powerful “Shots Fired…”. A buildup of the song stuns for they have a great sense of pacing. Instrumentally rich they have a symphonic glee to it for the piece expands up into the heavens. With an adventurous spirit they take lessons learned from Wilco’s “Yankee Hotel Foxtrot” and apply them liberally throughout. For all the anthemic quality of the sound they retain a bit of intimacy, mostly through the vocals that helps to ease the entire transition. Guitars ring out with their own rustic flavour for they seemingly soar right up into the sky in a way that becomes truly divine.

Various small effects filter into the mix resulting in this glorious stream of consciousness. Warped backwards sounds last for a mere moment before the rest melts on away. Upon the inclusion of the vocalist things begin up in earnest as there is a kindness to his storytelling. Little details matter a great deal for at first there is almost a silence about the approach, a restraint that is overwhelmingly satisfying. Applying things in a careful, considered fashion the way that they take on the whole of the reflection feels outright real. Done with such dignity they allow the piece to come into focus in such a deliberate, delicate way one that becomes all-engrossing for the piece makes sure that it all merges into a cohesive whole.

Done with such raw grit, and soul the Lonely Together delivers something straight from the heart on “Shots Fired…”



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