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The Mars McClanes tie together ambient, folk, and classical into a singular mix.

The Mars McClanes - Be Still

The Mars McClanes tie together ambient, folk, and classical into a singular mix on the serene “Be Still”. Effortlessly charming they draw the listener in with their hushed awe at the world. A romantic notion churns underneath the whole of the delicate mix serving as the anchor. Instrumentally they offer a clever interplay amongst the group. By keeping things relatively subdued the intimacy of the sound itself feels riveting. Nods to groups like the indie rock chamber pop of Grizzly Bear adorn much of the atmosphere as there is that same light touch to the way things work.

Piano chords decay throughout the entirety of the piece. Wonderful melodies waft into the very sky. Everything here has a crystal clarity. Vocals rest right in the very core of the piece ensuring that there is a focal point to the rest. The lyricism explores the navigation of relationships in a way that adds to its majesty. Little snippets of the sound bounce off the walls making sure that it all has a vibrant realness behind it. Studio effects further add to the sense of otherworldliness that filters into the fray, making sure that it has this dignity about it. Allowing for the right level of delicacy they keep things to the essentials, stripping things down until they have a gentle fragile quality, one that rises up into the night sky.

“Be Still” reveals the Mars McClanes to be expert storytellers with a message that lingers on in the mind longer after the track has ended.



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