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The Violet Nines incorporate a bit of the theatrical, retro, and funk with “Can We Go”.

The Violet Nines - Can We Go

The Violet Nines incorporate a bit of the theatrical, retro, and funk with “Can We Go”. An instrumental variety comes into the fray making sure that there is a playfulness to the whole of the piece. Layer upon layer filters into the mix ensuring there is a beautiful quality, with a nostalgic haze that informs the piece. Her voice truly sells it though as there is a lyrical mastery that drives it forward. Grooves go for a soulfulness to it for there is a bass that helps to guide it along.

Synthesizer has a thickness to it for it bursts in the centre of it. From there the rest of the group gets into place and the tempo has a jaunty quality. Celebratory right down to its core there is a happiness that she conveys, one that yearns to break free and truly be independent. Volume is a must because they do a wonderful job combining elements of retro stylings along with a certain modern flair. By helping to balance it altogether, the whole of the work evolves in a way that gives it a naturalistic air about it. Nods abound but perhaps the most common would be the giddy atmosphere of Neon Indian and the Weeknd. Yet the way the Violet Nines does it does feel distinct and even a bit surprising at times.

“Can We Go” shows off the Violet Nines impeccable chops to deliver something quite beautiful, a cool celebratory spirit that radiates throughout the whole of track.



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