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THIS FRIDAY: Ellie Grace Set To Release New Single 'Better Off Alone'

Hot on the trails of her previous singles, Ellie Grace will be releasing her new single, ‘Better Off Alone,’ on September 24th. It is an introspective, indie pop track that comes fully endowed with the right lyrics, pace, beat, and tone. Each one of these elements come together for an impeccably composed track.

Ellie’s lyrics explore the feelings she was left with after going from one relationship to another. That type of experience can leave a person unsure of who they really are without another person. The lyrics are made all the more impactful by the steady pace of the single. It leaves plenty of room for reflection and contemplation. The beat has enough impact to make the track an anthem without overpowering it. It rumbles with an undercurrent of confidence and strength. All of this creates just the right tone, which is that of self-empowerment and independence. Ellie’s already magical vocals just seem to get better and better with each release. They sound positively phenomenal on this single.

This is such an exciting time in Ellie Grace’s career. She has truly found her place in indie pop, and it suits her perfectly. I look forward to many more releases from this powerhouse artist.

‘Better Off Alone' will be available from 24th September on all major digital platforms for stream and download. Follow Ellie Grace: Instagram | Facebook | Spotify

Stream her previous single 'Thinking About Her':



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