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Tom Tikka goes for a propulsive, driving rhythm on the cautious optimism of “By 2022”.

Tom Tikka And The Missing Hubcaps- By 2022

Tom Tikka goes for a propulsive, driving rhythm on the cautious optimism of “By 2022”. The lyrics here are straightforward delivered with so much fire behind them. Within the song there is a degree of 90s indie pop playfulness behind it. Guitar work has a singing, tuneful aspect behind it. Rhythms go for a gliding motion making sure nothing ever slows down. By rushing through in a bright brilliant blur there is a bit of an anticipation built it. Notes of Weezer’s Blue album dominates much of the work for there is a similar vulnerability to it.

Incredibly intricate the song bursts at the seams right from the beginning. He pours so much heart into the sound it becomes absolutely addictive. A lot of soul exists within the song for despite the electronic flourishes there is a tenderness there. Lyrics cascade ever downwards for he has an observational stance at times, worried about getting too close. Melodies feature a deal of thought behind them with the reflective stance being a truly joyous sort of experience. Every single piece matter for there is an aural ecosystem that exists within the whole of the track. Buildup is done in a slow subtle fashion, with every single element perfectly fitting into place. For the finale he reveals his innermost thoughts in a way that feels particularly well earned.

“By 2022” shows off Tom Tikka’s uncanny ability to capture the moment, the precipice of things and does so in a way that feels natural.



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