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UK rock band Everafter are back with their first release of the year 'ASAP'

Back with their first release of the year, UK rock band Everafter have delivered their latest new offering with their vibrant new single, ‘ASAP’. Formed from the ashes of another band, the three-piece artist project consists of brothers Alexis Daperis (lead vocals/guitars) and Stefan Daperis (bass/backing vocals), alongside their friend Tim Wiltshire (drums). An incredible power rock group, Everafter have been honing their craft and their vibrant hard-rock sound over the past several years to create the bold, anthemic sound audiences have come to know. And garnering increasing acclaim and attention, they have received various taste-maker support, alongside airplay on TotalRock Radio and Trust The Doc Radio Show on Exile FM.

The follow on from their 2020 album release, ‘ASAP’ continues to capture and deliver Everafter’s vibrant and hard-hitting rock sound and artistry. A pumping hard rock banger, the bold sonic landscape is filled with powerful and captivating guitar lines and punchy, rhythmic percussive beats; all placed alongside bold and captivating vocals from lead singer ‘Alexis Daperis’. Delivering an immersive, hard-rock sound, ‘ASAP’ was created with producer Matt Williams at Soundlab Studios in Debden; recorded by the band earlier this year. An exciting new addition to their ever-growing discography, this is certainly one you won’t want to miss.

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