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“100%” holds nothing back, proving Eva No’s commanding presence.

Eva No - 100%

Eva No goes for a cheeky, 80s soundtrack style on the bombastic beauty of “100%”. With clear nods to glam rock, there is a decadent delirium that takes shape over the course of the track. That beat does not stop ever for it propels the entirety of the piece forward. References abound, but Eva No’s stellar soulful vocals recall Lady Gaga at the height of her early powers. Grooves simply stun for she strips the sound down into the very essentials. Volume is a must for hers is a truly physical, lived in sound. So much intense energy flows throughout the whole of the track for she holds absolutely nothing back.

Right in the beginning that raw bass at times draws comparisons to Ed Banger Records’ style, for it has that same undeniable dance energy. The rest of the track comes into place quite quickly as they shift into a stellar, kicking soulful sound. Her vocals have an intensity to them, razor-sharp and crystal clear. Verses are carefully balanced, one on top of the other until the whole thing gains a degree of poignancy. By refusing to ever let up, the infectious energy draws everything into its path for the way it unspools goes for a stunning grace. Never losing sight of that initial hook, they instead choose to play off of it resulting in something that has a fire and passion.

“100%” holds nothing back, proving Eva No’s commanding presence to be a thing of exquisite beauty, a true diamond in the rough.



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