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909 Memphis Doesn’t Miss With “25” Paired With A Visual

For those who are just getting to know 909 Memphis, he is a melodic rapper who resides in Nashville, TN. With Nashville being typically known for country music, this rapper has decided to bring in a different style which has been catching fire.

The young rapper just yesterday released his music video “25” on Youtube. The song talks about turning 25 and reminisces on the relationship with his mother and how she always motivated 909 Memphis to succeed.

The video starts with 909 Memphis walking down an empty road. This could symbolize how lonely the grind is when the rapper says, “I don’t think she realizes I’m one of a kind”. This one of a kind mentality has been one of the main reasons his music has caught fire in Nashville. Many fans can relate to his “lone” style when matched with the hyper pop and melodic style melodic flow 909 Memphis has.

If you're looking for a different artist than you’re used to, catch 909 Memphis in “25” before he blows up and becomes a household name.

Find 909 Memphis’s “25” music video here:

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