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A bubbly bouncing beat propels the sound forward on Afmikon’s “Last”.

Afmikon – Last

A bubbly bouncing beat propels the sound forward on Afmikon’s “Last” for the song has a giddiness to it. Her voice has a great optimistic glow for it runs on through in a fantastic fashion. The balance of the sound works wonders making sure that there is a great attention to detail. Verses are blended together to make something that has a beauty. Electronic flourishes feel lovely because the many different styles that she ties together adds to the tapestry of sound. Beyond the EDM roots are elements of R&B, pop, even rock comes into the fray to make it an all-consuming, all-encompassing sort of scene.

Powerful beats start things up immediately for there is a great energy to the song. By allowing it to propel forward the song gains a particular neon-hued resonance about it. Small pieces burst off into great amounts of colour that burst onto the scene. Layers are woven together, for the nods to Ladytron’s exploration and pushing of pop’s boundaries adds to the blissful quality. Vocals swim through the mix making sure that the song retains a distinct soulfulness. The volume is a must for theirs has sheer strength about it. Swimming through the dense sound her vocals have a fire to them making it all feel just right. Her voice has a tenderness to it for theirs is a commanding presence. One of those true party-starting tracks, the piece never lets up.

“Last” features Afmikon’s impeccable smooth sound that completely washes over the listener in a delirious way.



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