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Illuminade embraces the mysterious on the slinky noir grooves of “Spoonflower”.

Illuminade – Spoonflower

Illuminade embraces the mysterious on the slinky noir grooves of “Spoonflower”. The balance on here has a delicate dance-like quality to it. With a careful bassline that worms its way through the entirety of the journey there is a grace that can be felt into the rest of the sound. Melodies have a subtle elegance to it. Production reigns supreme for the entirety of the sound has this silky-smooth resonance. Off in the distance they imply an ever-growing, ever-larger space in which this piece simply radiates supreme. No vocals are included within this work and despite this, they manage to tell an entire story without needing to say a single word.

Bass rumbles through. Lots of the sound has a crystal clarity to it, with the song in certain moments gaining a psychedelic dub aspect. The attention to the low-end adds to the beauty to be found throughout the whole experience. Layer upon layer enters into the fray making sure that it swirls about. Color on here has an exquisiteness to it, though these remain somewhat within the shadows. Plenty of the sounds echo on through without any delay. Rhythms here have a laid-back aspect for pace is the trick. Nothing here gets rushed because much of the track works by offering up this reflective stance the kind of thing that feels doubly refreshing. For the final stretch it gradually fades away into the absolute ether.

A pure polished piece of meditative perfection, Illuminade offers a truly engrossing aural universe on “Spoonflower”.



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