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A nice four to the floor beat defines Emeye’s back to basics approach of “Space”.

Emeye – Space

A nice four to the floor beat defines Emeye’s back to basics approach of “Space”. Here one can virtually feel the club presence of the track, for he brings a looseness to the overall approach. The truly physical aspect of the sound proves to be of the essence. With the vocals further imbuing the track with a sense of humanity the work has a sensuality that is quite powerful. Nods to groups like Disclosure that similarly explore the roots and origins of such a sound appear throughout. Yet Emeye does have their own distinctive touch, one that helps to guide the work along.

Like all good club tracks, the buildup feels joyous. Everything here has a balance to it, with layer upon layer added for additional effect. The lyrics here feature a distinct, late-night poetry to them. Much of it is shrouded in just the right amount of muscle to it. By keeping things light and bright, it draws the listener into this constantly shifting series of sounds, all of which do have a carefully sculpted presence to them. Over the course of the work Emeye goes beyond the usual dance methodology, as pieces of trance, pop, and acid techno filter their way into the distinct collection of gestures. For the final stretch he lets things loose just the right amount, resulting in one final sweep before it ends.

“Space” is one of those tracks that brings house to its roots, proving Emeye to be a particularly well-listened and respectful adherent to the classic genre.



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