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Adik Angel delivers an angular take on synthesized pop with “Evasions.”

Adik Angel – Evasions

Adik Angel delivers an angular take on synthesized pop with “Evasions.” The chord progressions here have a playfulness, allowing every moment to count. Vocals get smeared over the top giving off a shoegaze effect. Sci-fi elements add to this glistening, glimmering world. Layer upon layer is brought into the fray with painterly percussion. Nods to classic 90s trance pop bloom within the expansive, elaborate arrangement. Melodies seemingly echo off into the vast distance feeling outright inspirational. Beyond these elements, she brings out deep house, tech house, disco, and hip-hop pieces. Attention to detail means that every gesture counts and has its emotional cadence. For all the electronic origins of the sound, she imbues it with this emotional resonance, one with an inspirational flavor.

The theme she embraces gets transformed in a wide variety of ways. Different elements come together and are torn asunder. She enjoys this constant state of flux where everything feels possible. A lot of the time, the rhythm and the groove itself become one. Driving tempos define much of the experience, for she ensures that an intrinsic beauty to the sound becomes life-affirming. Lots of color filters into the fray, for she allows plenty of sunshine into the overall picture. High-fidelity to the extreme, there is this glossy sheen that the arrangement fully embraces. Even towards the finale, she keeps up with this considerable restraint as the rest of the sound gradually wisps away.

“Evasions” shows Adik Angel’s uncanny ability to create a fully immersive, wild world with an animalistic impulse.



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