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Pr6tty E delivers a wild, industrial-edged fury with “Broken Spell”.

Pr6tty E - Broken Spell

Pr6tty E delivers a wild, industrial-edged fury with “Broken Spell”. The sound design here stuns for it has just the right amount of edge to it. Vocalists match the animalistic tenor of the track for they spit verses with ease. Nods to groups like Death Grips appear throughout the whole of the experience. Pulsing beats anchor it for it has a truly freewheeling presence to it. Featuring percussive elements that emerge over the course of the work it has a darkness that feels glorious.

Right from the beginning there is a harshness to the work. The wave of noise washes over the listener. Everything about it goes full throttle. Never letting up with its intensity, there is a punk-like urgency to the way the tempo races on through. Trading synthesizers for guitars, the hooks here have a heaviness to them. Lyrics are tied into the overall din for there is a dramatic quality to the way it all seems to buildup. Despite the short run length of the song, it feels much longer thanks in large part to the hypnotic grooves they employ with ease. For those who miss electronics with a much more confrontational spirit, here’s something that truly scratches that itch. Completely bewildering they never let up, becoming ever looser and ever more expansive. By the very end of the track they seem to occupy every possible frequency of the atmosphere as the dizzying display the audio spectrum becomes intoxicating.

“Broken Spell” embraces a sonic chaos as Pr6tty E defies expectations for a truly liberating sound.



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