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A casual coolness rolls through the entirety of Jerrod Azaad’s futuristic freestyle funk.

Jerrod Azaad - Put It Down

A casual coolness rolls through the entirety of Jerrod Azaad’s futuristic freestyle funk of “Put It Down”. Production here has a flawless, sparkling dimension to it. Vocals further add to this sense of luxury for they flow on through completely unhurried. Nothing about the song indicates any sort of haste. Rather, the song swaggers on through with an intense degree of confidence. The notes of the Weeknd’s influence prove to be an integral part of the whole mix. Lyrics here have a poignancy to them for they possess a lot of tenderness to them. Beats here feature an origami of sorts for they skitter above with nary a care.

From the first moment that gracious, giddy groove takes hold of the entire journey. Things here have a celebratory atmosphere about them making sure every moment absolutely matters. Melodies waft on through further adding to the decadence of the piece. Word choice here further adds to the spirit of the work. A tremendous degree of longing and love seems to tie together the entirety of the track. By allowing this sort of tightness the song has a playfulness to it. Going for a bit of playfulness the song evolves out within the duration of the track. Every single element matters for there is a degree of minimalism that goes a long way. Towards the finale they let loose allowing it all to end things on a high note.

“Put It Down” features the undeniably powerful chops of Jerrod Azaad in crafting a universe that is distinctly their own.



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