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Aubrey Hays goes for a Balearic, disco beat with the celebratory “I Wanna See This Through”.

Aubrey Hays - I Wanna See This Through (Boy Sim Remix)

Aubrey Hays goes for a Balearic, disco beat with the celebratory “I Wanna See This Through (Boy Sim Remix)”. Production shines throughout the track, from the insistent beat to the outright massive bass that weaves its way into the very soul. Vocals add to this peaceful disposition making sure that they never let up. Lyrics feature an optimism for it encourages a desire to move forward, to conquer whatever brings someone down. Only with conflict is there a chance for growth, a chance to find true meaning in life.

Hooks aplenty are employed within the entirety of the work’s very DNA. Lots of the work has a balance about it. All of it features a great attention to detail. Plenty of the work makes sure that it keeps on a playful spirit. Various sounds bounce off each other in a rather clever fashion. Elements of dance rock filter into the whole of the experience. Buildup of the work results in cathartic moments, with the tension getting released in a powerful way. The bursts of energy that races into the forefront has a greatness to the whole thing. For the final stretch they make sure that the interplay has a sense of meaning. Layering so many different vocals one after the other gives the song a cinematic finale, all the way down to the guitar solo before they simply stop on a dime.

Glossy and shining the whole way, Aubrey Hays embraces a sense of pure determination with “I Wanna See This Through (Boy Sim Remix)”.



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