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Children of Zeal feature a hard-edged take on industrial with “Moonlit Lullaby”.

Children of Zeal - Moonlit Lullaby

Children of Zeal feature a hard-edged take on industrial with “Moonlit Lullaby”. A hint of romanticism reigns supreme for they make sure it all comes together in its own yearning way. Nods to groups like Depeche Mode feel undeniable. Everything here has a delicate balance to it. Full of a great amount of bombast to it the volume ultimately needs to be completely blasted. By getting lost in the many atmospheric swirls they ensure that there is a bit of heaviness about it. Lots and lots of weight gets thrown into it resulting in something that feels almost metal-like in terms of its ability to feel so absolutely all-consuming.

They start off strong too with a motor-like beat that simply will not let up. From there the rest of the song comes into place quickly. Completely crushing the sound makes sure to explore riffs that have a true eeriness to it. Lyricism matters for it further accentuates the darkness of the piece. Verse upon verse cascades downwards in a way that has a delicacy to it. Distortion becomes an essential element within the mix slowly whittling down the whole experience into a fine dust. Becoming even more unruly as the song progresses there is a delicacy to the way that it seemingly blends into this cohesive environment. Quite amazingly the work becomes pure fire by the end of the intrepid journey.

“Moonlit Lullaby” shows off the deft skill of Children of Zeal in creating a sound that bludgeons the listener into submission.



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