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A distinct post-punk ethos defines “It’s Not Really So” showing off the exquisite charm.

Majesty's Wing - It's Not Really So

A distinct post-punk ethos defines “It’s Not Really So” showing off the exquisite charm of Majesty’s Wing. Layer upon layer enters into the equation for there is a surreal landscape being painted. Nods to groups like Joy Division are abundant throughout, as the group incorporates a similar heavy scope within the sound. Best of all the moody vocals help to truly sell, with each lyric crafted with the utmost of care. Word choice matters for he employs a dreaminess to it.

Right from the beginning there is a classic quality to it. Even the way the song comes into focus has a loveliness to it. Vocals swim through the rest of the sound. Guitar work has a nimbleness to it for it navigates the sea of sound with such joy. Working wonders the song seemingly soars all the way up into the sky in a fantastic fashion. All of it merges to create this coherent, cohesive whole. Everything here has its own sense of balance for they bring a lot of clarity into the equation. For the final stretch they let loose ever so slightly with a compassion that has a true realness. The yearning proves to be an essential element within the work as it brings a great amount of power to it. Sounds seemingly waft up into the air as the song appears to dissolve into nothingness.

“It’s Not Really So” proves to be a truly powerful piece of work with Majesty’s Wing creating their whole aural universe.



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