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A gentle psychedelic lullaby the Long War taps into early aughts Indie pop.

The Long War - Deeper Blue

A gentle psychedelic lullaby the Long War taps into early aughts indie pop with the lovely “Deeper Blue”. Everything here has an immaculate sound to it, from the hit of the drums to the jangle of the guitars. Best of all are the vocals that match the rest of the arrangement pitch perfectly. With this casual cool that rolls on through the song there are elements of Grizzly Bear, Fleet Foxes, and similar ilk. Steeped in a folk pop bliss, they incorporate even elements of classical and rock into the sound for there is a sense of tenderness in those tones.

Lyrics take front and centre stage as there is a great story to be told over the course of the work. Pace is the trick for they never feel rushed, as the guitar riffs glide on through with their own stately grace to them. By ensuring that these many different pieces work together as a whole the song has a keen balance to it. The usage of many different vocals adds to the communal presence that the piece resides in, for the degree of detail is beautiful to behold. A buildup does occur throughout, but this is a rather kind considerate type, the sort that makes sure that it is constantly cresting ever upwards. Only at the final stretch do they let loose a little bit bringing it all home.

“Deeper Blue” features the impeccable chops of the Long War in crafting a universe that has such a kindness.



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