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A heavy, dreamy pop song Niki Chanel brings a wonderfully immersive atmosphere on “IOS”.

Niki Chanel – IOS

A heavy, dreamy pop song Niki Chanel brings a wonderfully immersive atmosphere on “IOS”. The journey of the work offers nods to balladry, shoegaze, dream pop, and a whole slew of other styles. Her voice possesses a reassurance to it, with reference to Victoria Legrand’s similar approach. Everything here takes time in getting started. By making sure that the melodies virtually hang in the air, the rhythm becomes an afterthought. Layer upon layer enters into the fray for there is a classical cadence to the way she builds things up, almost symphonic at times. With the lyricism having a nice poetry to them the verses merge together to create a virtual stream of consciousness.

The hushed whisper of the work feels quite beautiful, with the introduction of the work a particular joy. The pace is the trick for the song has a grandeur to it. Quite expansive the piece seems to soar on up into the sky. By letting the sound grow everything about it wafts up. Everything about it sparkles with such wonder. With a cinematic flair to it, the way the work swirls about have a great majesty. Growth of the sound steadily builds up to become a thing of true epic sprawl, with the stretched extended drones feeling quite soothing.

“IOS” revels in the exquisite storytelling of Niki Chanel in crafting a universe that has such an intensity to it, quite sensual and surreal with its gorgeous charms.



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