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NDNA delivers a faded psychedelic sound with the powerful trap beats of “Benefit”.

NDNA – Benefit

NDNA delivers a faded psychedelic sound with the powerful trap beats of “Benefit”. His voice features a nimbleness to it. For the brevity of the track, NDNA manages to pack a whole lot into the proceedings. One can get the sense of hip-hop, tripped out electronics, and storytelling brought into this heady brew. Beats here offer a dexterity to them for the basslines rumble on through with gleeful abandon. Highly catchy they also prove to be somewhat experimental as there a huge number of twists and turns that enter into the equation, bringing it almost to its breaking point multiple times.

Wisps of sound flutter about on the periphery. Upon getting that groove started up the rest of the song falls into place quite quickly. Stuttering electronics give the beats a broken-down quality. Tempo is of the utmost importance for they have a churning aspect to it. Cyclical with its looping aspects they constantly allow ever new elements into the equation, trying to supersaturate the atmosphere. Yet it is thanks to this very aspect that the song plays with listener expectations. Neat hooks further emphasize this sense of activity. Over the course of the work there is a wildness to it, as he pours his very heart into the whole of the composition. All the way right to the finale feels doubly refreshing as there is a delicacy and to it.

“Benefits” revels in the exquisite detail that NDNA displays in terms of lyricism and in terms of the arrangement itself, as it has a haunting beauty.



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