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A passionate performance, Jesse Grossi delivers a message straight from the heart on “Broken”.

Jesse Grossi – Broken

A passionate performance, Jesse Grossi delivers a message straight from the heart on “Broken”. Hard rock, folk, and storytelling deep within the singer-songwriter tradition, Jesse holds nothing back. The confessional quality of the lyricism takes center stage for every verse is chosen with care. Over the course of the piece a narrative emerges, one of trying to rebuild oneself. In this way at least there are some parallels to Alice in Chains’ darker works. Like their work, Jesse too probes the absolute heart of the matter holding nothing back. Besides his strong vocals there is that guitar playing. Rather than go for something pretty the way he lets the thing sing has an intensity to it. He does everything within this sense of rhythm.

They waste no time in getting things started. From the very first moment a great deal of energy pours into the equation. Everything about it comes from a simple two elements – the voice and the guitar. By making sure that they balance it all there is a beauty to it one that unfurls at its own pace. Within the work the layering of the sound feels pastoral. He lets the strumming of the guitar, the riffs, become ever larger. All of it features its own degree of fragility to it, one that feels natural. Quite introspective he dives deep into his own psyche, revisiting his history, and letting the song build into a great burst.

“Broken” features an extreme intimacy, almost voyeuristic, for Jesse Grossi gives an unadorned poetic take on their life.



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