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TerraTara embodies folk’s old soul and desire to rise above with “Empty Apartment”.

TerraTara - Empty Apartment

TerraTara embodies folk’s old soul and desire to rise above with “Empty Apartment”. Absolutely tactile one can get the sense of togetherness that the song delivers. Her lyricism has a modern poetic quality. Every single instrument absolutely shines, from the raw grit of the harmonica to the physicality of the drumming. Vocals on here employs a true sense of the blues, of folk, and of the wild open spaces that are a joy to behold. Quite intimate the way the production works gives it this living, breathing spirit one that feels doubly refreshing.

Guitar immediately takes front and center stage right from the first moment. Like a second singer, the strums she discovers serves as a powerful counterpoint to the power of her words. A crystal clarity exists within his verses for they nicely wash over the listener. Full of so much energy she makes every moment count. Cutting right to the heart of the thing the way she explores relationship dynamics, loneliness, speaks to this moment of isolation. Yet the band works to soothe, to sort of establish the idea that we are never quite alone. Rather, there is always someone there to talk to, to commiserate with and that is highly comforting. Buildup does happen with the flowing river of sound washing the early onset of the blues right away in this lovely fashion.

“Empty Apartment” revels in the exquisite detail that TerraTara imbues within her composition, allowing every twist and turn plenty of space to follow their muse.



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