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A raw grit and soul define the spirit of Peggy James’ impassioned “Joan of Arc”.

Peggy James - Joan of Arc

A raw grit and soul define the spirit of Peggy James’ impassioned “Joan of Arc”. Lyrics possess a unique poetry to them, drawing from the past while focused on the future. The ability to bring these elements together in a way that feels so fiery is a true joy. Guitar work helps to emphasize the power of the message, for the electric and acoustic intermingling together shows off their deft skill. Rhythms here never rush all of them take their time for the main focus here is one of capturing the very mood. With the wonderful choruses there is a sense of power that permeates the entirety of the piece.

They waste not a moment in setting the tone for what follows. Her voice has a joy about it, one optimistic for the future. Instrumentally dense as well, they make sure to hold absolutely nothing back. Guitars, drums, even a neat harpsichord adds to the chamber pop aesthetic that the song embraces with gusto. With pleas to show the way towards a fairer, more equitable world, the message has a kindness and poignancy to it. Over the course of the piece, she allows the energy to build up though it never feels overpowering, it has a just right quality to it. For the final stretch they even bring in a hint of the psychedelic as it has a dreamy loveliness about it.

Part rock, part country, part folk, and all heart, Peggy James sings a song to this very moment on the thoughtful “Joan of Arc”.



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