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See Your Shadow sculpts a picture-perfect country rock with “Missing West Virginia”.

See Your Shadow - Missing West Virginia

A raw rural slice of Americana, See Your Shadow sculpts a picture-perfect country rock with “Missing West Virginia”. His voice conveys a tremendous love for the place with the rest of the sound getting into focus quite quickly. Guitar work nicely dovetails with the rest of the atmosphere as there is a gorgeous twang to the riff. Everything about the texture has a beauty to it for there is a great deal of color to it. Quite immersive he makes sure to draw the listener into his unique aural universe.

Gentle at first, the song gets the atmosphere started before kicking things into high gear. From that moment, with the strings getting an acoustic treatment, the piece has a fragility to it. Much like the memory of West Virginia, he lets the small details of the place enter his mind. Out of these first missives the rest of the verses start to cascade ever downwards. Cyclical in its style the song grows in intensity. To match this energy his voice begins to become ever more impassioned. Filled with fire much later on the rest of the work has a grandeur to it, for it unfurls at a delicate considered pace. With everything going on around it feeling so lush, the rhythm section further adds to the rollicking good time as it becomes looser towards the finale.

“Missing West Virginia” revels in the absolutely stunning storytelling of See Your Shadow, for it has a reflective stance to it that is doubly refreshing.



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