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Steve Pointmeier embraces a western twang on the country rock flavor of “Even in a bar”.

Steve Pointmeier - Even in a bar

Steve Pointmeier embraces a western twang on the country rock flavor of “Even in a bar”. The band definitely kicks the vocals into high gear, yet his captivating presence is what truly sells the entirety of the procession. His voice though it is a force to be reckoned with for it does seemingly rest as the very heart of the entire thing. Drums hit punctuating the sheer power of his word choice with everything layering one on top of the other in a gracious gorgeous way. Volume is a given for theirs is a purely physical kick, one that brings the listener into their entire world.

Not a moment is wasted for he dives deep into the luscious sound. The layers intertwine to create a vast tapestry. All of this helps to further highlight his distinctive cadence. With keen observational skills the wry sense of humor definitely helps to give it just the right kick to all of it. Guitar riffs chug along with glee as the rest of the piece comes in and out of focus in a fantastic fashion. Evolution of the groove occurs for the sheer heaviness of the track increases with each reiteration. For the final stretch he lets everything loose allowing the rest of the band to break free and kick up a small storm.

“Even in a bar” shows off Steve Pointmeier’s wry sense of humor for the way that the verses cascade has a careful cadence about them with word choice perfectly exquisite.



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