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Cynthia Hamar delivers something so soulful on “Where Your Love Lives”.

Cynthia Hamar - Where Your Love Lives

A sense of pure love overflows on “Where Your Love Lives” for Cynthia Hamar makes sure that she bares her very heart. The song has an exquisite beauty about it. Layer upon layer gets brought into the fray for she makes sure each element matters. Due to this careful consideration it all has a grandeur about it. Stylistically she brings in pieces of jazz, pop, the blues, and more into the unique format. By far the highlight are her vocals. Over the course of the work, she has a bit of fire about her performance. Akin to some sort of optimistic take on Fiona Apple’s approach, there is this inner joy that becomes readily apparent as the piece progresses.

From the first moment this giddy energy permeates the sound. She keeps it simple at least at the initial open. The swinging style of the work has this warm, inviting presence to it. Guitar and piano come together to become one, serving as the perfect groove. Without any drums whatsoever the toe-tapping tempo feels great. Her lyricism has a sweetness to it, by making sure that the song becomes quite passionate. Done with the greatest degree of care the gradual evolution of the track has a largeness about it. A sense of community comes into the fray for it has that gorgeousness. Melodies has a timelessness to them for they bounce off the walls and eventually completely sweep over the listener.

Cynthia Hamar delivers something so soulful on “Where Your Love Lives”.



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