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A spirited piece of pop, Josh Holmes celebrates a sense of togetherness with “Picture Perfect”.

Josh Holmes - Picture Perfect

A spirited piece of pop, Josh Holmes celebrates a sense of togetherness with “Picture Perfect”. Everything about the track radiates a great and real soulfulness. His voice has a compassionate tenor to it all while it weaves its way through the entirety of the piece. The arrangement itself makes sure to give every detail plenty of space to roam. Quite a well-balanced and well-produced sound, the way it conjures up imagery of the natural world lends it a bit of bliss behind it. Sundrenched it all swirls about in a fantastic glow.

The reverent awe that opens the piece sets the tone in a way that lends itself to a wild yet carefree attitude that drives the sound forward. Quite quiet at first, the way he incorporates additional detail into the fray is done with dignity. Inclusion of other vocalists further adds to the togetherness of the work, as it overflows with so much power. Volume is a must, particularly on the latter half as the initial minimal impulse begins to loosen up. Beyond the catchiness of the work, there is a classically inclined element that further adds to the tastefulness of it all. Within the quality of the work the shining presence in particular feels quite joyous. Towards the finale they completely let go in a well-deserved rush for the finish as all the previous elements are revisited with such care.

Done with such care and dignity, Josh Holmes proves to have an impressively touching voice with “Picture Perfect”.



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