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A tropical summer jam, Frannie B holds nothing back on the bombastic beats of “Downfall”.

Frannie B – Downfall

A tropical summer jam, Frannie B holds nothing back on the bombastic beats of “Downfall”. Production glimmer for the high-fidelity sound stuns. The song’s infectious mixture of dance, R&B, and pop results in a seductive, sultry sound. By far the true anchor of the entire thing comes from her voice. Done with the right amount of fire, the lyrics have a passion to them. Verses neatly cascade downwards in a way that feels so satisfying. Best of all, her ability to create that raw, physical house style recalls its early origins, back when it was about the sense of place.

The faded look works wonders in getting things started. She brings things into focus quite quickly. With a neat staccato hit of the chords, it all comes together in a way that gains a majesty to it. Percussion has a playfulness to it with a geometric take on the ancient communal sound. Various aspect of the sound works within the subtle gestures, from the way the ebb and flow of the bass works its might over the course of the experience. Little details are kept right in the background at first only to be later revisited. Full of this tremendous color despite being kept so restrained in some ways, the romantic aspect oozes on through featuring great kaleidoscopic flourishes of the finale. By the very end the restraint is over for the tension is released.

“Downfall” revels in the undeniable solid approach of Frannie B in crafting an aural universe that celebrates a spirit of sheer togetherness.



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