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Alexis Joiner combines folk and jazz into a beguiling whole on the mystical “Little Flowers".

Alexis Joiner - Little Flowers (Blues Meditation)

Alexis Joiner combines folk and jazz into a beguiling whole on the mystical “Little Flowers (Blues Meditation). Her voice has a classic timelessness to it. Every detail matters and the piece revels in the exquisite mood. Things here have a spaciousness to them, for there is an airiness to the whole of the procession. Rhythms have a mellowed atmosphere to them, for they have a restraint that feels wonderful. Stylistically, they bring country, ancient balladry, the blues, and more into the fray. By sidestepping trends they go for a worldview that is a lot more timeless in texture.

Right from the beginning the deft skill of the guitar helps to set the sound forward. Various little hits of percussion keep the time. Her voice rests right in the very center of it all for she holds nothing back, allowing it all to have a sense of purpose behind it. Layer upon layer comes into the fray making sure there is a lushness to the way it all merges. Patterns are unleashed and brought into the overall spirit of the track. Over the course of the work there is a grandeur to it, one that has a reflective presence to it. Acknowledging the natural stance of the work there is a power to it, one that explores a sense of nature. Full of loveliness, the rest of the song rises up for a final sweeping motion fades it out.

“Little Flowers (Blues Meditation)” celebrates Alexis Joiner’s powerful, inspirational message one that lingers.



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