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An industrial punk dystopia gets explored in full on Tired All The Time’s “Sun”.

Tired All The Time – Sun

An industrial punk dystopia gets explored in full on Tired All The Time’s “Sun”. Drums have a tribal fervor to them for they pound on through with pure fury. Everything here has a keen sense of balance to it ensuring that not a single moment is wasted. Vocals seemingly swim through the din allowing there to be a bit of a disconnected stance to it. Beyond the industrial and punk ethos, they incorporate elements of EDM, shoegaze, and even post-rock into the proceedings. Lyrics lead the way working to tie the whole thing together. Rhythms draw the listener in for they have a steadiness that guides the song along.

The song begins quickly for they waste no time in establishing the tenor of the piece. A sense of yearning, a desire for togetherness, these enter into the equation quite quickly. Over the course of the song, the ebb and flow of the work give it a narrative sensibility. Rising and falling action work together to create something truly surreal to fully explore, as there is a magnificence to the entire thing. Volume is a given for they trade within this wall of sound spirit to it. Little flourishes matter a great deal as they seemingly reverberate over the course of the mix. The physicality of the track comes from all of the drumming, done with such poise and care, making sure every moment gets that strong hit.

“Sun” features the exquisite storytelling of Tired All The Time for they craft a sound that is distinctly their own.


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