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Aura Davis embraces a sense of defiance with “Unbroken”.

Aura Davis – Unbroken

Aura Davis embraces a sense of defiance with “Unbroken”. The piece features a light airiness to it. Full of a wonderful mixture of electro pop, dance rock, and more there is a beauty about it. Melodies glisten. Her voice features a beautiful multi-faceted aspect to it. Detail of the work shows off the attention to every single aspect of the work. Full of a balance the song has a physicality to it, for she virtually demands that it be played loud, real loud. Her words pierce the very soul, for the word choice has a poetry about it, cascading ever downwards in a way that has such a grandeur to it.

The wonderful crunch of the beats alongside the rather dreamy guitar work feels lush. So many different aspects of the sound means that it can be viewed in a whole multitude of ways. Her voice has a trance-like quality, for there is an angelic presence to the way she sculpts the whole sound. Full of such intensity there is a graciousness, with the bass rumbling on through in a fantastic fashion. Various little details become ever more soothing. Full of a degree of overcoming any obstacle, the hope of the work is what proves to be the very background of it all. Done with such dignity it all has a big beautiful fantastic flourish about it as the piece races towards the finish line.

“Unbroken” shows off the uncanny power of Aura Davis in capturing the spirit of the best of the 1970s singer-songwriter tradition.



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