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Barry Muir songs straight from the soul on the heartfelt “She’s A Little Wildflower”.

Barry Muir - She's A Little Wildflower

Barry Muir songs straight from the soul on the heartfelt “She’s A Little Wildflower”. Lyrics here have a celebratory power to them. Country meets a poppy sound there is a longing to the atmosphere. A lot of affection adds to the whole of the experience. Guitar playing features a degree of skill to it for they sweep on through with a powerful stance. Over the course of the track a whole history comes to inform the work adding to its inherent loveliness. By balancing these sounds one on top of the other a sense of play emerges.

A bright burst of energy feature prominently starting things off in true style. From there his voice enters into the equation and the verses rises up into the air. Nods to groups like Oasis appear on throughout for there is a bit of cleverness to it. Rhythms have a laid-back presence for a pastoral beauty takes shape. Layer upon layer enters into the equation swirls about in a fantastic way. Everything about it has a kindness to it. Word choice matters a lot for he makes sure that every element gets magnified. Lots of details matter here and the sound has a careful consistent quality to it. Quite soothing the song washes over the listener. Thanks to the attention to detail it all adds to intrepid tactile presence to it for there is a genteel presence that lasts all the way to the finale.

“She’s A Little Wildflower” features a power to it, proving Barry Muir to be an exceptional singer-songwriter.



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