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Bay Bryan embraces a chilled-out lush atmosphere on the tender “Let Go”.

Bay Bryan - Let Go

Bay Bryan embraces a chilled-out lush atmosphere on the tender “Let Go”. As a fan of this distinct easy going rock meets bossa nova jazz, it is a particular joy to see it entering the musical lexicon even more. The whole of the track brings to mind the thoughtful casual cool of the Sea and Cake. Even his vocals touch upon Sam Prekop’s breathy delivery. Verses here have a poetry to them, a celebration of the world and the importance of relationships at large. Wide instrumental variety means that the piece features a great deal of character. Inclusion of the flute helps to add to the sense of adventure. Like a vast journey the balance of the brush on the drums, the rather nimble bass work, and even the small flourishes of piano further add to the welcoming presence.

The graceful introduction of the work sets the tone. Layer upon layer interact in a way that is gorgeous. His voice seems to neatly ride the rest of the rhythm. A clever cadence takes shape as the song’s sophistication features nods to Antonio Carlos Jobim and Stan Getz. Done with dignity the whole of the piece gets a careful, almost origami aspect to it. Buildup of the song further adds to the power of the song. Words here are chosen with care and there is a dignity to it. Right down to the finale their restrained sensibility leads to the song’s fantastic mix.

“Let Go” has a laid-back summertime spirit as Bay Bryan’s optimism shines right on through.



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