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Coastal Fire Dept. ties hard rock and grunge rock together into a virtual wall of sound.

Coastal Fire Dept. - What Do I

Coastal Fire Dept. ties hard rock and grunge rock together into a virtual wall of sound with the intense trip of “What Do I”. They rage through the entire thing without stopping. No soft spots, nothing they go full-on blasting on through the entire track length. A force of nature with the drums, bass, guitar, and vocals screaming on into the sky. Such intensity helps to give it an appealing sensibility, for this feels like one of those bands that needs to be seen live. Even with this track, they make sure that their take no prisoners approach feels truly epic, sprawling out into the infinite. Drumming here has a wildness about it, for the many layers seem to go completely off the rails at any point. Bass races on through too for theirs is an unhinged groove that gets unleashed.

From the first moment they fly off the handle. Everything has a chaotic energy about it. Lyrics cut to the very bone. Defiant to the utmost degree, they make sure that every single moment counts. A punk-like quality to the work further ensures a sense of togetherness, for the interplay of the group itself feels masterful. They all work together, never overshadowing each other instead working in unison to deliver something that feels majestic. Word choice matters for there is a directness to their whole thing, hitting the listener with full impact.

“What Do I” shows off the undeniable vigor of Coastal Fire Dept. in depicting exactly what hard rock truly means.



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