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DAAY bets on rejuvenation and rebirth on its second alternative single "First Light".

DAAY - First Light

DAAY is an emerging alternative indie rock band who involves daytime worship and night time irreverence. The band was formed in London in 2019 by Alex Barty-King and rehearsed in a large smoky basement flat in Kilburn. They bring together a collection of five musicians from Lebanon and France and released their first single 'Mama' in March 2020, just at the foot of the pandemic. That debut track talks about respecting femininity and advocates for the better treatment of our planet and was taken off from all platforms after some days it was released.

A rapper called DAY considered the band name as 'plagiarism' and did everything he could to bring down the music group. However, the London guys are now back with an even more original name. DAAY use an unique blend of rock/pop songwriting layered with experimental sounds and powerful sax parts that cut through with curiosity, whilst using a strong lyrical theme reflecting on the simple and transformative beauty of the daytime.

Positive vibes in an atmosphere that traps you, that’s “First Light”. Highly influenced by the likes of Arcade Fire, Fat White Family, Mellah, Wooden Shjips, MGMT, CAN and Pink Floyd, their new single is an apt song for the time promoting the power of rejuvenation and rebirth with specific reference to the beginning of a new day whether or not you've stayed up all night. It also serves as a metaphor for new beginnings and new life, just like when you are born. In this tune, the masterful use of drums is reinforced by synthetic rhythms perfectly embellished by a trail of guitar and an unexpected sparkling sax.

This is the second song that the songwriter and frontman Alex Barty-King wrote for the band and is a statement of his positivity about the overall future of the planet and the human race. It is the second single of a set of three. The third "Little Foot" is to be released in March 2021 and it will be a more adolescent expression of frustration with growing up and never really knowing what is going on.

Comparisons can be unpleasant, but this is not always the case. It’s impossible to not think of Axel Vindenes from KMF when you hear Alex Barty-king singing. The way they both sing from the heart is passionate in a nostalgic way, such that it gets into the depths of your being. Simply indescribable. Moreover, the raspy singing voice of DAAY’s frontman just does not compete. He’s so good at it. He knows how to make you fly when you have a bad day at the same time as he spreads awareness with his lyrics.

More good news, DAAY has an EP written and the members are planning to record it as soon as possible called RUN.

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