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Des Boheme captures a soulful folk celebration on the bright and airy “La La Lonely Lies”.

Des Boheme - La La Lonely Lies

Des Boheme captures a soulful folk celebration on the bright and airy “La La Lonely Lies”. With nods to Mount Eerie’s unique output, theirs too is hard to precisely pin down. Though the arrangement has a sense of joy it also possesses a bit of hesitation too. By refusing to fall into either path, they keep the listener guessing. Small details matter a lot within this sort of raw, stripped-down approach and they do not disappoint. Vocals sail on through as if going through a vast storm trying to remain steady. Guitar work features a gorgeousness to it, not technical, pure passion.

They open things up on a strong note, with guitar playing that brings to mind Mountain Goats’ early work. From there they let the rest of the sound filter into place. While the song does in fact have a quite lovely buildup, they never lose sight of that initial spark. Much of the vocal work further adds to the spirit of togetherness that is longed for, as the verses dissipate into the air. Forgoing the electric, they keep things solidly acoustic throughout, in a way pointing out where the future of folk could go. Quite experimental, they skill remain focused on the hook, on the meaning of their lyrics, for they never stray too far. A contemplative piece for sure there is a tenderness to it.

“La La Lonely Lies” shows off the deft skill of Des Boheme in delivering a sound that comes straight from the heart.

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