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Done with such diligence and dignity, David Burnett crafts a classic.

David Burnett - Picture Palace

An elegant chamber folk, David Burnett’s “Picture Palace” has an intrinsic, ancient beauty about it. Instruments here all radiate with a sense of life for they hold nothing back. The gestures employed feel so delicate. Full of a great deal of thoughtfulness there is a warm welcoming presence about the entirety of the thing. Guitar work adds to the blissful, dreamy quality of the piece. His voice has an emotive, passionate fire to it. So much yearning and desire comes on through within the tapestry of sound. Nods to the orchestral folk musings of Fleet Foxes appear over the course of the work. Storytelling ties it all together, with so much life behind it.

The introduction sets the tone for what follows – delicate and precise. Strings here go for a certain classical stately hue, for the guitar emerges out of this initial bloom. When his voice enters into the mix, the story begins – one of hope for a better future, a better career and life. His explanation and exploration of his own life has so much vivid detail behind it, with a writerly sense of place helping to infuse the song with this purposeful impulse. Everything about it goes for a degree of tenderness as the song progress. Buildup here happens with this sense of gorgeousness as there is a bliss to behold within it. For the final stretch it sweeps the listener up into its lust for life.

Done with such diligence and dignity, David Burnett crafts a classic with the lovely “Picture Palace”.



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