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Done with such love and dignity, Kritter sculpt a cerebral soothing ballad with “New York”.

Kritters - New York

A heartfelt minimal ode Kritters delves into a truly tender world with the gentle fabric of “New York”. They sing with soul, as every lyric has a fully lived-in, vibrant feeling about it. Word choice has a poetry to it, for they tie together a whole litany of different experiences, eras, to capture the true essence of a place. Clear nods to East River Pipe’s careful cadence emerge throughout the whole of the track, for there is a similar sense of melancholy to the work, as well as the stripped-down raw lo-fi aesthetic that they proudly wear on their sleeve. Usage of the few elements adds to the track’s beguiling charm.

Right from the beginning they set the groove in a compassionate way. Her voice features such depth behind it. Keys are delivered with such care. The hypnotic tempo becomes something that draws from pieces of Steve Reich’s careful arrangements, with the minimalism gaining an emotional perspective about it. Filtering of the sound further allows the small details to grow in scope, to add to the lullaby like sensibility that the song contains in multitudes. Evolution here is a gradual thing, for they never intend on overwhelming the listener, at least not sonically. Rather, her narrative becomes something deeper and deeper, as if traveling down a deep rabbit hole. For the final stretch the way she brings it all home while staying true to the original roots of the piece is pitch-perfect.

Done with such love and dignity, Kritter sculpt a cerebral soothing ballad with “New York”.



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